Kandt House Museum Kigali

Kandt House Museum Kigali

Kandt House Museum Kigali

The Kandt House Museum previously known as the Kandt house museum of Natural History is one of the eight museums that make up the Institute of National Museums of Rwanda.

The museum Was named after the first colonial governor of Rwanda who was by then Richard Kandt on behalf of Germany until the early 1900s. At present, the Kandt House Museum in Kigali comprises three main parts which clearly tell the true story of Rwanda.

The first section of the museum presents Rwandan life in all its aspects – social, economic, and political – before the colonial period.

The second section clearly shows the experiences of the Rwandan people during the colonial period. Following the Berlin Conference in 1884, the Germans ruled Rwanda until 1916, when the Belgians took over under the League of Nations Mandate after World War I. Richard Kandt’s life and deeds in Rwanda are covered here.

The third section covers the history of Kigali now the main capital of Rwanda, before, during and after the colonial era. Kigali was made the capital upon independence in 1962.

The Kandt House Museum goes beyond mere historical recounting, extending into the realm of natural history. It beautifully illustrates the evolution of life, flora and fauna of Rwandan Natural Parks (Nyungwe, Akagera and Volcanoes), and the geological foundation of Rwanda. Adding a touch of the exotic, there is even an exhibition of live reptiles, demonstrating the intrinsic connection between nature and history.

Whether you’re a history enthusiast or a nature lover, the Kandt House Museum in Kigali is a remarkable testament to Rwanda’s resilience and the shared history between the colonialist and Rwanda It stands as a compelling invitation to explore and appreciate the rich tapestry of Rwandan history and its natural beauty.

We highly recommend visiting this exciting history museum as part of a tour of Kigali as you will learn a lot from the museum.



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