Why Choose Us

Why choose us

Being a safari company in Africa offering highly defined exclusive journeys in all African countries takes nothing like experience to be able to do that for years and this is why we are your preferred safari operator in Africa to prove that check our website.

Personalized and detailed attention

Our destination managers will ensure that your safari is perfectly tailored to explore the best of your safari by booking the perfect safari lodges situated at the heart of the action-packed safari activity.

Best rate and price guaranteed

We provide one of the most competitive safari costs on the content with extremely affordable rates for any kind of travel whether you want to travel on a low budget or luxury travel or you want a camping safari we will ensure you get the value for your money.

Tailor-made safari itineraries

All our safari packages are tailored made to the interests of our clients, our travel consultants can also offer free travel advice to clients who may not have enough information on where to go and what to do while planning a safari to Africa.

Financial protection

With our global partners, you’re sure that your finances are in safe hands as you will receive the final documents of your trip from our offices near you before travelling to Africa.

Africa-based field consultants

With our Field consultants spread throughout Africa be sure to receive and experience on-site safari experience with local safari guides in the countries and safari destinations you will be visiting anywhere in Africa.

Global presence

You can book and confirm your safari directly from your home country without having to hustle with how and when to book your safari to Africa.


We have well-travelled and experienced multi-national staff covering established and emerging destinations in East Africa and some parts of Africa as a whole.

We are a growing company experienced in creating personalized tours in which luxury is incorporated into every detail.

We are a team of devoted experienced staff, each with 10 or more years of experience with Wilderness explores Africa, whose passion and knowledge extend into every tour we provide.

We are exceptionally experienced in group tours, fishing, special interest itineraries, incentive programs, shore excursions, and camping.


We can arrange tailor-made itineraries based on the client’s preferences, previous travel history, and travel style, ranging from arranging local community/nature walks to market and city tours.

We do have multi-lingual travel consultants, tour guides, and support staff fluent in the different East African languages, English and French.

Our hand-picked guides and tour directors offer unrivalled local expertise and street-level knowledge ensuring our client’s trip is infused with a genuine and meaningful insight into the local culture.

We have a wealth of information and inspiring ideas that are readily available both on our website and within our staff.


All our accommodation facilities and vehicles are chosen for our clients’ comfort, sightseeing, and insider access options which will have been explored before by a member of Wilderness Explorers Africa staff, giving us, and you, the confidence in every aspect of our tours.

We do ensure all our staff and suppliers comply with stringent health and safety legislation for the safety of our clients.


We offer an inspiring collection of “Insider Access” to product experiences exclusive to Wilderness Explores Africa for those special moments and unique interactions that offer the visitor a greater level of intimacy with the local culture and chosen destination.


We strive to offer you the best experience possible, allowing flexibility on the ground to ensure you get to see and be, in all the right places at the right time. Our professional safari guides go the extra mile to give you an unforgettable trip with us.

Legal Aspects:

All Wilderness Explorers Africa operations are fully licensed and offer full public and passenger liability insurance. We are members of AUTO (Association of Uganda Tour Operators) where your money stays within, and benefits, the country you have visited in Africa.


We are here to ensure you have the best possible experience on your Wilderness Explorers Africa safari. We offer a great value product, put together by experienced staff, promising you an unforgettable trip because we know Africa and we will get to know you. When it comes to Africa, we explore, whilst others follow. We have done this long enough to know the secrets of doing it best for you.