Nile perch fishing in the Nile River from Murchison Falls NP

Nile perch fishing in the Nile River from Murchison Falls NP

Nile perch fishing in the Nile River from Murchison Falls NP

The Nile River below the Murchison Falls is one of the best places in the world to fish for the fresh waters largest fish the Nile perch because the falls have become a major source of food for the large fish as it provides excellent breeding pools for the smaller fish hence attracting large fish, also there is a lot of dead material and wildlife that crash down the powerful waterfalls acting as food for the fish too.

Fishing on the Nile in Murchison Falls is even made worth it by the amount of wildlife seen on the River banks while fishing up and downstream of the Nile, Large crocodiles are seen basking in the sandbanks, and large schools of hippos are also seen alongside the elephant, buffalos, giraffes, waterbucks and abundant birdlife on the shores of the river.

All you need to know about fishing in Murchison Falls

It’s very important to note that fishing trips to this area are slightly expensive because the section of the River is located in Murchison Falls National Park hence guests have to pay for park entrance fees, and fishing permits.

Fishing permits

Before embarking on a fishing trip to Murchison Falls National Park all anglers must ensure they purchase fishing permits from the Uganda Wildlife Authority to allow them to carry out fishing activities on the Nile River inside the park, on our organized fishing safaris our travel consultants will help book the permits for you.

  • Estimated permit price: $ 50-400 USD from 1 Day -7 Days per person

Park entrance fees

All visitors entering this park will be required to pay park entrance fees per 24 hours which range between $ 45-80 USD per person per 24 hours and these are payable to Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Fishing boats

Fishing in Murchison Falls is done on fishing boats, the boats have flexible rooftops that give anglers perfect movements while fighting fish in the rapids or down the pools. There are fishing boats based in the park which we happily arrange for you or you can bring your boat and pay launching fees to the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Estimated boat fees range from $ 300-600 per boat for a minimum of 2 Anglers for half or full-day fishing excursions

Nile perch fishing on the Nile in Murchison Falls NP

Fishing technics

It’s important to note that the Nile River is very shallow and trolling is a huge risk the most used methods in this area are Casting with Lures and rubber baits near falls and live bait fishing or dead baits or beef for catfish.

Rule of the Game of Sport

Unlike Lake Victoria, this area is strictly caught and release,d and fish records count only if the fish is released alive and a graph is used to determine the size of the fish, anglers will measure the length of the catch and the width by the highest fin and use the graph to determine the size.


The Nile has the highest concentration of Nile crocodiles in the world and they are very deadly species of crocodiles long side hippos Anglers have required the rules and take maximum caution to avoid accidents during their fishing safaris.

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