What to pack for gorilla trekking in Uganda

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What to pack for gorilla trekking in Uganda

What to pack for gorilla trekking in Uganda

When your dream holiday approaches closure usually some of the most frequently asked questions is what will I need to pack for this holiday in this regard our experts have combined a full report on what your packing list moves while packing for your journey to face one of Africa’s greatest wildlife species in the dense forests of southwestern Uganda.

Due to the nature of airports in Africa, we highly recommend packing light as you may have to carry your own luggage from one place to the other without trollies.

Top tips to consider while packing for Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda

  • we recommend bringing light-sided luggage as converted Uganda safari vehicles do not have a lot of luggage room in them if the group size is more than 4 passengers.
  • For vital and essential items like travel documents, Cards, money, some changing clothes, and toiletries in your carry-on baggage there can be risks of baggage delays in some airports.
  • we recommend not travelling with your luxury and expensive jewellery on safari.
  • we suggest that couples travelling together for gorilla trekking in Uganda share the packing of staff in different bags a husband has some clothing in the wife’s bag and verse just in case one bag is delayed at least you have what to start your safari with.
  • we recommend keeping your cash in more than one place just in case of any delays or loss you don’t lose everything at once in one bag.
  • contact wilderness explorers in Africa before travelling on what altitudes to expect for your specified safari itinerary and this will help you pack essentials for some altitudes most especially if you have altitude sickness.
  • we recommend packing nature blending colors as some of the colors like bright red can scare away wildlife during treks.
  • A rain jacket is a must-pack for gorilla trekking in Uganda as the Bwindi is a tropical rainforest and it can rain anytime.
  • For the bag pack, we recommend something waterproof as it will help keep your camera and other equipment safe during the trek in case it rains.
  • Hair driers, irons, and other heavy machinery are not necessary while travelling to Uganda for a mountain gorilla trekking safari.

Recommended bag to bring on a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda

Duffle bags which can easily be squeezed into the luggage trunks of the 4 x4 are highly recommended as they are also easy to carry and have less risk of breaking, unlike suite cases that are usually big and easy to break in case of rough handling.

Travel documents advice

  • Valid Passport

You will require a passport valid for at least 6 months from the date of arrival in Uganda.

  • Tourist visa application foam

Upon application for a Ugandan tourist Visa, you will need to bring with you a copy of the approved document by the Ugandan immigration department.

  • Proof of Yellow fever and COVID-19 vaccination certificate.

Currently, Uganda will require travellers arriving in Uganda to present a valid certificate of yellow fever and COVID-19 upon arrival at the airport.

  • Copies of flight documents

We highly recommend you bring copies of your flight information which our expert guides may require to plan your departure flights.

  • Credit cards

Please inform your bank of your travel to Uganda so that you can be given access to use your card to withdraw cash and other necessary transactions.

  • Insurance information card or document

Please ensure that you pack and carry a copy of your travel insurance and share it with your tour leader on arrival in Uganda in case of anything they will liars with our East African region offices in case of emergency.

  • Copy of your final travel itinerary from Endless Plains Africa Limited

We highly recommend carrying all your necessary travel documents from Endless Plains Africa Limited to help you during the pre-safari briefing.

  • Envelopes

These will help you in case you want to hand out some gratuities like tips to guides and hotel staff.

What to wear or Essential Gear for Mountain gorilla trekking in Uganda

  1. Waterproof rain jacket with hood and rain pants.
  2. Gardening or work gloves.
  3. Sturdy, high-top waterproof hiking boats.
  4. Low-top hiking gaiters
  5. Good pair of Binoculars
  6. Long sleeved polo style shirts
  7. Long pants
  8. Fleece for cold weather
  9. long stockings
  10. insect repellant
  11. Sunscreen
  12. Cap or hut
  13. Environmentally friendly water bottle.
  14. Camera equipment with spear batteries and SD Cards
  15. sunglasses with UV filter and secure strap
  16. Head Lamp for night hours
  17. Ear plugs
  18. small medical kit

Pack for purpose List for Uganda

As an effort by Endless Plains Africa Limited to help support communities near the Mountain gorilla areas we recommend, that clients pack small presents like school requirements, shoes, reading books, pens, pencils, and other small staff which can be donated to the orphanage schools near the gorilla trekking point for more information please feel free to contact our Africa travel experts.



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