Watching the great wildebeest migration cross the Grumeti River

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Watching the great wildebeest migration cross the Grumeti River

Watching the great wildebeest migration cross the Grumeti River

Experiencing the great Wildebeest Migration crossing the Grumeti River near the Western Corridor’s Kirawira region is one of the top safari experiences in one of the remote parts of Serengeti national park for keen wildlife enthusiasts, the Grumeti River crossing involves dramatic scenes as thousands of wildebeest, Zebras continue their annual search of water and green grass through the western corridor into the Mara River which poses one of the greatest obstacles on the Migration Trail, The Grumeti river is known for its large crocodile population; the crocodiles anxiously await the migrating herd’s crossing for a guaranteed meaty feast as they go for months without eating as the river tends to dry out during the harsh dry season. Despite the obvious danger from crocodiles and the waiting predators like lions, cheetahs, and Hyenas, the wildebeest and zebras will not stop their journey to their final destination as they search for greener pastures. Other animals you’ll find swimming in the river and drinking from its water include elephants, hippos.

Guide to what happens along with the annual migration between Tanzania and Kenya

Wildebeest Calving Season February to March Southern Serengeti
Rutting Season April to May Western & Central Serengeti
Grumeti River Crossings May to June Central Serengeti
Mara River Crossings July to August Northern Serengeti & Masai Mara
On the Move November to January Masai Mara & Northern Serengeti to Southern Serengeti
Grazing September Masai mara
Mara River crossing October –November Mara River

Best time to be at the Grumeti River for Wildebeest Migration Crossing

The best time to have a better chance of seeing the Migrating herds cross the Grumeti River is during mid-June when the wildebeest are heading towards Mara River for the dramatic River crossing of the Mara River from Serengeti to Masai Mara.

To have better chances of seeing river crossing travelers may have to spend the whole day at a site where the wildebeest have massed. If you are a keen photographer, your best opportunities may occur around midday when the sun and glare are at their harshest though this crossing is not as popular as the Mara River crossing it is one of the best safari experiences as few tourists tent to venture this area compared to the Ndutu and Kogatende areas during the July to October wildebeest Migration between Tanzania and Kenya.

How to get to the Grumeti area in Serengeti Tanzania

The Grumeti River sneaks through the Western Corridor to the west of the Seronera Valley Getting to the area will require driving, taking a safari tour, or flying into the Grumeti airstrip. Accommodations along the river’s south bank are available at Kirawira Serena Camp. Picnic areas and a pedestrian suspension bridge are offered here, but no additional facilities are provided.

Where to stay During the Wildebeest Migration crossing at Grumeti River

Being a remote area in Serengeti most of the Lodges are pretty high-end lodges like the Singita lodges, andBeyond Grumeti Serengeti tented camp, Grumeti River camp and Grumeti Hills Lodges are some of the places to stay those looking for much cheaper and standard accommodation can stay in southern Serengeti and take full day game drives to the Grumeti area this may involve long transfers but with incredible game viewing en route.



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