What are the chances of seeing the annual wildebeest migration?

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What are the chances of seeing the wildebeest River crossings?

What are the chances of seeing the annual wildebeest migration?

The exact timing may change from year to year as it is a spontaneous event influenced by rainfall patterns and subsequent grazing opportunities. The animals are constantly on the move all year round. They stay in the Masai Mara from July to October before gradually migrating back to the Serengeti in November.

It’s very tricky to tell when the wildebeest will start crossing between July and August but your chances are relatively higher at the end of July and August.

February to March is also a perfect time to witness the action-packed wildebeest calving season in the Ndutu plains where 8000 wildebeest calves are born within a few weeks.

Tips on how to plan a great wildebeest migration in East Africa

  • It’s important to note that the annual wildebeest migration safari is best when staying at the mobile camps across the Northern Serengeti and the Masai Mara Ecosystem, being one of the wonders of the world the great wildebeest migration safari attracts many travelers between mid-June and early October so a booking of at least a year may be required to select and secure the action-packed areas during the migration.
  • To be on top of this adventure clients can book a gorilla tracking safari a few weeks after the beginning of July before arriving at the Serengeti in time for the spectacular river crossing-we may be able to provide clients with a tip of what is happening as of that mid-July through our guides on the state of the migration meaning if the wildebeest have started crossing or not.
  • It’s best to combine both the Serengeti safari and Masai Mara safari during the Mara River crossings as the river crossings occur between Serengeti and Serengeti and Masai Mara and Masai Mara. This is because the river meanders a lot in Northern Serengeti creating no straightforward border where you can see the crossings from both sides of the river.



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