Wildebeest migration safari in August

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Wildebeest migration safari in August

Wildebeest migration safari in August

In August, wildebeest and zebra herds begin their annual crossing of the Mara River, which cuts across the northwest corner of the Serengeti and up through the Masai Mara. They continue in search of fresh grasses on the other side of the river. While herds pour across the unfenced border into Kenya, some wildlife also stay in the northern Serengeti were river crossings though unpredictable, can be seen almost daily at this time of year, it’s also important to note that august is the hottest month of the year in Serengeti hence forcing the wildebeest to quickly make their way in to Kenya’s Masai mara national reserve. 

What to expect in August wildebeest migration safari

August marks the peak of the spectacular mara river crossing stage in the northern Serengeti with the raging Mara River the largest obstacle to the migration’s progress with millions of Hooves tormenting the ground a thunder-like Noise is hard with the dusty cloud as the herds bunch up on the riverbank before taking the plunge; The Nile Crocodiles wait for the drama as the ambitious wildebeest struggle to reach fresh grazing plains in the Masai Mara. Little do they know; the infamous Mara lions form an intimidating viciously waiting across the plains.

Where to stay during August wildebeest migration

The herds in August are up in the north, crossing the Mara River between Kogatende and the Lamai triangle. This is peak time to see the river crossings because even if the wildebeest are late, they will have reached the Kogatende area by this time. If they are early, and arrive north in June, they will still be lingering here and in the Masai Mara throughout August and through to October

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