Wildebeest migration safari in July

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Wildebeest migration safari in July

Wildebeest migration safari in July

In July, as available grasses are exhausted and begin to dry, the herds move northward for fresh grazing. With some of the herd still in the Western Serengeti and Grumeti Reserve, they continue to move northeast in search of greener plains, many arriving at the Mara River and Lamai Triangle in the northern Serengeti in mid-to late-July. These front-runners may begin the treacherous crossing of the crocodile-filled Mara River, while others graze in the northern Serengeti.

The Western Corridor, or Serengeti west, is a stretch of land following the course of the Grumeti River from western Serengeti for about 100 kilometers out towards Lake Victoria.

A pair of rivers, the Grumeti River and Mbalageti River, is the dominant geographic feature of the Western Corridor. These rivers run more or less parallel in a westerly direction, about 20 kilometers apart from each other.

What to expect during wildebeest migration safari in July

The busiest period in terms of visitors is the May-July period which coincides with the Great Migration passing through the Western Corridor on their trek to the north. While the crossing of the Grumeti River may be lesser known compared to its northern counterpart, the crossing of the Mara River, but offers sightings just as exhilarating with the added benefit of fewer fellow visitors at the crossings. The Grumeti River is the first enormous obstacle for the herds to tackle.

Where to stay during Wildebeest migration in July

The Lamai triangle is a triangular-shaped region located in Northern Serengeti between the Mara River & The Masai Mara. This spit of savanna is wholly sequestered from the rest of the park by the Mara River, with just a tiny seasonal bridge providing access. It remains one of the most secluded and uncrowded areas of the Serengeti and offers prime viewing of river crossings during the migration season from roughly July to October.

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  • Angama Mara
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  • Serengeti Under Canvas



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