Wildebeest migration safari in June

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Wildebeest migration safari in June

Wildebeest migration safari in June

In June, a large migration herd is formed in the western Serengeti on the southern banks of the Grumeti River, with some smaller groups farther east in the central Seronera area of the park. The wildebeest and zebra tend to grow into a mega-herd before crossing the crocodile-filled Grumeti River to continue north. June also begins the rutting, or breeding, the season for the wildebeest, creating a lot of activity and excitement amongst the herds, as males exhibit their prowess and fight for female favor.

What to expect in wildebeest migration in June

May-June is the beginning of the rut season of the wildebeest migration as the herds head north-west past the breathtaking plains of Simba kopjes and Moru kopjes and into the woodlands of the hilly country west of Seronera valley towards the world’s second-largest freshwater the Lake Victoria, this marks the beginning of the annual rut, with thousands of cows mated in less than a month as the herds gather in the woodlands and on the plains of the Serengeti’s Western Corridor. The peak of the rut seems heavily influences by the state of the moon, with the full moon in May/June being a good bet for anyone seeking the most active during this period the males fight aggressively amongst each other as they fight for females.

Seemingly vicious fighting between dominant or territorial males takes place during the rut, though there is generally little actual violence or serious injury. And in spite of these energetic duels, the males have little say over their choice of mates, for it is the females who do the actual choosing.

Where to stay during wildebeest migration in June

June is a major moving month, and because of that the location of the mega-herds can be quite tricky to predict. The Serengeti’s Western Corridor is a great place to focus as over 50% of the herds head out to this area in late April and May. They will often stay there for the next few weeks, well into June. The remainder of the migration heads directly north and enters the northern Lobo and Kogatende areas of the Serengeti 

  1. Grumeti Serengeti River camp
  2. Serengeti River camp
  3. Lemala ewanjan camp
  4. Nyikani migration camp



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