Wildebeest migration safari in May

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Wildebeest migration safari in May

Wildebeest migration safari in May

In May, the migration pushes northwest into the western corridor of the Serengeti the herds tend to stagger, with some arriving in the western reaches of the park near the Grumeti River first, while others can still be found farther south and near the central area of the park. Those that reach the western edge first tend to venture into the private Grumeti Reserve bordering the park. At the end of the month, they begin to form a mega-herd again.

Bordering the Western Serengeti, Singita Grumeti is a privately-managed, 350,000-acre private concession that lies directly on the Great Wildebeest Migration Route. It offers a front-row seat to this magnificent wildlife spectacle as predators and prey battle it out, with the lodge combining classic, big-game safari experiences with secluded, luxury accommodation. 

Singita features just five small properties, ensuring exceptional game viewing with few other vehicles in sight. Unlike in the adjacent Serengeti National Park, guides are permitted to drive off-road to enable up-close sightings, with guests also invited to take part in guided nature walks, night game drives and sunrise hot-air ballooning. Meet the locals during community visits or get a behind-the-scenes look at the vital work being conducted by anti-poaching units in the Serengeti region. 

What to expect on wildebeest migration safari in May

From May to July the wildebeest migration passes through the Grumeti Game Reserve on their way to northern Serengeti so a perfect time to see the migration in action.

During other times of the year, this area has amazing wildlife on show, as it is situated on the Serengeti National Park border and has the Grumeti river running alongside.

Here you will have a good chance to spot the Black rhino as this area is home to 11 of these majestic but endangered creatures!

Where to stay during May wildebeest migration safari

  • Singita Sasakwa lodge
  • Singita Serengeti house
  • Singita sabora tented camp
  • Singita faru faru lodge
  • Singita explore mobile tented camp
  • Grumeti migration camp



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