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Uganda sport Fishing Safaris, tours and holiday trips

Uganda sport Fishing Safaris, tours and holiday trips

Uganda’s is one of the best places in East Africa for sport fishing for the fresh waters biggest predator the Nile perch, Murchison falls national park is a re-owned destination for fishing in Uganda and this has seen several big-name Anglers like Jeremy weed, Zed Hogan and many other top Anglers have found themselves in the Rift valley River dominated by Big crocodiles, Hippos and massive Nile perch that breed below the Murchison falls rapids beside Nile perch Anglers can catch fish like Sudan catfish and the Vundu catfish, Murchison falls is also Uganda’s largest protected area home to abundant wildlife and birds besides fishing safari you will also be heading to some of the prime areas for game viewing in Uganda, the park is located 7 hours from the main capital Kampala and also clients can fly into National Park.

Murchison falls has overshadowed other fishing areas in Africa like Lake Nasser the Nile‘s exciting rapids add extra weight to the hooked fish and smaller perch feel very big with the currents and with the flash of the waterfalls it’s just one of those must place to go for fishing in Uganda.

Lake Victoria is the other destination where Anglers can use a different method of fishing to that of Murchison falls, while fishing on Lake Victoria trolling is the best method and in Murchison falls Live baits and casting are the popular methods used on the Nile River.

Fishing on Lake Victoria and the Nile River in Murchison Falls

It’s important to know that the section of River Nile that runs through the national park is protected and no commercial fishing is allowed hence making fish Numbers higher and chances of catching higher unlike Lake Victoria where commercial fishing is allowed though there are some few breeding areas designated but chances of hooking on to abandoned local fishing nets is high but you have an experienced Fishing Guide your chances of catching fish are still high.

Fishing in Murchison falls is seasonal and the peak seasons are determined by the dry seasons which are usually from July to September and

December to February unlike Lake Victoria fishing can be done all year Round except April and November which are windy months.

Live baits, dead baits, meat and lures are used in Murchison falls unlike on Lake Victoria the sport fishing is best done using Lures by trolling using motorized speed boats.

When is the best time to go fishing in Uganda?

According to our experts the best time for fishing in Uganda is in the months of July, August, December, January and February these are dry months in Uganda and water levels are low making fishing great.

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