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Cape Verde Archipelago Safari Holidays

Cape Verde Archipelago Safari Holidays

Incorporated as an overseas department of Portugal in 1951, the islands continued to campaign for independence, which they achieved in 1975. Since the early 1990s, Cape Verde has operated as a stable representative democracy and remains one of the most developed and democratic countries in Africa.

Located in the North Atlantic and consisting of 10 islands, the Cape Verde archipelago is a cultural blend of African, Iberian and Brazilian influences.

From water sports and hikes through volcanic landscapes to leisure times at the scenic beaches, Cape Verde offers it all.

Travellers that visit between February and March will have a big chance to witness the annual Cape Verde carnival in the cultural capital of São Vicente is a must-see.

Things to do at the Cape Verde Archipelago

Beach holidays to Sal

Sal is the most popular beach destination in Cape Verde. It is known for its resorts and relaxing atmosphere. Sal also is Cape Verde’s most developed island for tourism.

Fogo Volcano: The island of Fire

With a height of 2829 metres above sea level, Pico does Fogo is the highest peak of Cape Verde and West Africa. It is an active stratovolcano situated on the island of Fogo.

Hiking to Monte Verde

Hiking to Monte Verde, the island’s highest mountain, is probably the best thing to do in São Vicente. Covered with lush green vegetation, the mountain offers stunning views of the area and the bay below.

See sand dunes at Boa Vista

Boa Vista is one of the most popular islands in the archipelago. It is known for its beaches and stunning sand dunes.

The sand dunes are formed with the sands that the winds bring from Africa.

Turtle watching in Boa Vista

It is home to one of the largest populations of loggerhead turtles, and most of the turtles’ nest on Boa Vista.

The months between June and October are the best for turtle watching.

Cultural Mindelo & Cesaria Evora

The second-largest city in the Cape Verde archipelago, off the coast of Senegal, Mindelo is the pride and joy of the island of São Vicente. Nestled in a bay ringed by mountains, it is the cultural capital of this chain of islands… and the homeland of singer Cesária Évora. It is from here that the “Barefoot Diva” but not just the music but the very soul of Cape Verde on the map.

Best time for Holidays to Cape Verde Archipelago

Mid-October to mid-July and the rainy season from mid-August to mid-October, which is also the hottest at the same time. However, the probability of rain is minimal even during the rainy season. Therefore, basically, all months of the year are suitable for a nice holiday on Cape Verde. The air temperature is between 20 and 30 °C throughout the year and the water temperature ranges from 22 to 26°C.

How to get to Cape Verde Archipelago

There are international airports on Sal, Santiago, Boa Vista and São Vicente. You can get around the islands cheaply by taking one of the ferries, but they are typically slow and unreliable, and the crossings can be rough. Instead, you can fly between most of the islands with Binter Cabo Verde.

Where to stay while visiting the Cape Verde Archipelago

Hotel Morabeza

Located on the sands of Santa Maria on the beautiful island of Sal, Hotel Morabeza is among the top hotels in the whole of Cape Verde and a customer favourite of ours, offering superb facilities, a warm welcome and of course a fantastic setting beside the beach.

Iberostar Club Boa Vista Hotel

A stay at Iberostar Club Boa Vista Hotel can simply be defined as ‘all-inclusive indulgence beside the beach’. The position is remarkable, overlooking one of the country’s finest beaches, Praia de Chaves, and affording breath-taking views of the long stretch of sand and glistening ocean.

Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort

Positioned directly along the golden sands of Santa Maria Beach on the island of Sal, guests who choose to holiday at the 5* Hilton Cabo Verde Sal Resort will be receiving a rewarding beach holiday experience.

Royal Horizons Boa Vista

An all-inclusive paradise along Boa Vista’s best beach – Praia de Chaves, the offers both couples and families a wonderful holiday experience.


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