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Lemur Trekking Safari Holidays Madagascar

Lemur Trekking Safari Holidays Madagascar

Madagascar is home to over 110 species of lemurs across five families and 14 genera ranging in size from the 25-gram pygmy mouse lemur to the indri. All these species are endemic to Madagascar (two lemur species were introduced to the Comoros) giving the country the highest number of primate species (Brazil, which has 77 species but only two endemic genera and no endemic families, is second). And new species are still being discovered— between 2000 and 2008, 39 new species were described. 75% of the island’s fauna and flora is found nowhere else! Lemurs evolved separately from other primates on the Indian Ocean Island of Madagascar, located off the east coast of Africa. Madagascar is full of unique landscapes, from limestone pinnacles called tsingy to lush, green rainforests to spiny deserts and impressive canyons. Read more about Lemurs here. Lemur Conservation Network.

Where to see Lemurs in Madagascar

Andasibe National Park

This is now one of Madagascar’s most popular parks, due to its close proximity to the capital city of Antananarivo as well as the exceptional fauna it hosts.

Andasibe protects the largest of the lemurs, the indri and these are the best place on Madagascar for a guaranteed sighting of grey bamboo lemurs, common brown lemurs and perhaps a sleeping woolly lemur.

Ranomafana national park

Ranomafana is extremely popular with visitors to Madagascar, all eager to see the rich and diverse wildlife it has to offer. The park is home to around 20 different species of lemur and you are most likely to encounter black-and-white ruffed lemurs, red-fronted brown lemurs, grey bamboo lemurs and the rarer red-bellied lemur.

Berenty Reserve

Berenty is one of the most famous reserves in Madagascar, not least for being the site where renowned primatologist Alison Jolly studied lemurs for five decades, Berenty offers a broad range of forest trails that allow for safe, independent exploring and host some exceptional wildlife There are guaranteed sightings of brown lemurs, ring-tails and sifakas.

Anja Community Reserve

This is a community-run reserve which offers supreme scenery and is home to several troops of cheeky ring-tailed lemurs.

Loky-Manambato, Daraina

The main reason to visit the small village of Daraina is to pay a visit to Loky-Manambato, a protected area that is home to the beautiful golden-crowned sifaka.

Park Ivolina

This is a wonderful conservation centre that is run by the Madagascar Fauna & Flora Group.

Free-ranging lemurs include black-and-white ruffed lemurs, white-fronted brown lemurs, red-bellied lemurs and crowned lemurs.

Aye-Aye Island, Mananara

The majority of people visiting Mananara have come with the hopes of seeing the illustrious aye-aye at Aye-Aye Island. The Island was set up for the protection of aye-ayes and is also home to some white-fronted brown lemurs.

Ankarafantsika National Park

There are eight species of lemur here, and you are likely to see Coquerel’s sifakas, mongoose lemurs, Western woolly lemurs, common brown lemurs and sportive lemurs. Ankarafantsika is also the only place in Madagascar where you may encounter the rare golden-brown mouse lemur.

Lemur trekking permits in Madagascar

Each reserve operates quite differently and you will be required to acquire the permits the before your trekking day, most reserves will charge between 20$-100$ depending on the experience per person, Endless Plains Africa will reserve permits for the booked-up clients on safari with us, we can also help secure permits for self-travelling guests at an extra fee.

Best time to see Lemurs in Madagascar

October is the best time to travel to Madagascar for wildlife encounters as this is the breeding season for the lemurs on the islands. The ringtail lemurs give birth in September, so by October there are hundreds of their young across Madagascar.


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