Malabo City Tours Equatorial Guinea

Malabo city tours Equatorial Guinea

Malabo City Tours Equatorial Guinea

Located in Bioko Norte, Equatorial Guinea, Malabo is home to an impressive selection of attractions and experiences, making it well worth a visit

Malabo is the main city in Equatorial Guinea. It features an interesting mix of Spanish colonial and modern buildings; among these, the Cathedral of Santa Isabel stands out, with shades of blue that blend into the tropical sky. Other colonial-era buildings are still used to serve the needs of both locals and tourists. As far as eating, seafood is king, and you must not leave without trying the speciality of the city, grilled fish. Coffee and cocoa are another important part of the local food scene, as these are two of the top local products exported.

Top places to visit in Malabo city

  • St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral Malabo Equatorial Guinea

St. Elizabeth’s Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral located on Independencia Avenue in the city of Malabo, the capital of Equatorial Guinea, home of the Archdiocese of Malabo. It is considered the largest Christian church in the nation. It was named after St. Elizabeth of Hungary.

  • Equatoguinean cultural center.

A bright yellow building on the main street, this centre is a lovely colonial building with large windows. It has a central atrium that serves as a performance area and gallery,

Malabo, Equatorial Guinea: Spanish colonial architecture – the twin towers of the Equatoguinean Cultural Centre – former library and archive of the Instituto Cardenal Cisneros 

  • Malabo National Park 

This new park is next door to the airport and covers an area of 870,000 sq meters. The park offers restaurants, a sports area, activities for children, a lake with jet skis and boats and an art gallery.

  • Equatorial Guinea local food experience.

 The staple foods in Equatorial Guinea include cassava, bananas, rice and yam with chicken, meat (often locally hunted game) or fish. Popular national dishes include chicken served in cream sauce with boiled plantain, grilled fish cooked with pumpkin seeds and served in leaves and guinea fowl paella. Leafy greens such as spinach, kale and local varieties often complement the meal.

  • Malabo promenade walk way

It is the ideal place for a walk in the capital and is more than 3 km by the sea, perfect for strolling with the sea breeze.

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